Exclusive Advantages in WeChat Ecosystem


Tencent Cloud uses dedicated BGP linkage to access WeChat APIs, communicates via private networks, achieves high-speed interconnection, and seamlessly connects with the platform, creating distinct advantages for accessing WeChat APIs.

Smooth and Stable H5 Interaction Experience


The mass storage and fast delivery of images and videos provide enterprise end users with the best interaction experience, while effectively improving H5 promotional outcome.

Protecting Marketing Campaigns


Multi-scenario security protection is provided to effectively solve problems regarding business security, network security, data security and other problems that come with marketing campaigns.

Cost-effective and High Performance


With access to a variety of easy-to-use products and services, customers can quickly build business based on Tencent Cloud, and flexibly adjust their IT resource allocation in the course of business development.

Common Business Scenarios


Based on the rich experiences accumulated from Tencent’s massive business, we provide

exclusive and customized products and services for WeChat service providers

WeChat Pay Acceleration


Tencent Cloud naturally has unique platform advantages when accessing WeChat APIs

Exclusive BGP


Tencent Cloud uses exclusive BGP linkage to

access WeChat Pay APIs with high interconnection

speed, the lowest delay and high stability.

Nearest Access Point


Tencent Cloud data centers deploy “nearest access

point” clusters for WeChat Pay, reducing access

delay and greatly improving payment efficiency.

H5 Performance Optimization


Provide users with a stable and smooth interaction experience

Mass Storage – Object Storage Service


This reliable, secure and easy-to-use mass storage

service is created based on Tencent’s many years

of experience in massive storage service.

Ultimate Acceleration – CDN


It provides acceleration channels for QQ and

WeChat with over one billion combined users. The

ultimate acceleration capacity surpasses similar

products by 30%.

Campaign Security


Various types of security products and services protect your marketing campaigns.

Black Market Click Farming

Terminator – TianYu


Tencent’s over ten years of experience in attack

defense and black market cloud databases with

hundreds of millions of data entries help identify

and prevent malicious click farming activities

with great efficiency.

Traffic Attack Terminator – Dayu


Effectively prevent attacks such as DDoS, CC and

Web intrusion, and cleanse attacking traffic within

seconds without business interruption.

Domain Name Hijacking

Terminator – HttpDNS


Bypass ISP’s local DNS, defend against domain name

hijacking and cross-network access problems, and

redirect access towards the most accurate node.

Security Risks – Host and Website Security


Provide 24/7 comprehensive detection and

protection services such as intrusion detection

and vulnerability protection.

Fast On-Cloud


Easy-to-use and auto scaling IT services protect you from missing

business development opportunities due to infrastructure limits



CVMs come with high performance and high

stability, multiple regions and availability

zones, a rich selection of model configurations

and flexible billing modes.

Cloud Database


A variety of on-demand billing options and

comprehensive auto data backup and lossless

data recovery mechanism are provided.

Flexible Resource Configuration


Expand cloud databases based on business needs during peak hours,

and quickly switch back to daily configuration afterwards to prevent waste of resources

Auto Scaling


Computing resources can be automatically

adjusted according to business needs and

personalized strategies.

Hybrid Cloud


You can easily build private network-level hybrid

cloud by using high-performance physical servers or

direct connections.