As the leading cloud provider in the market, Alibaba Cloud knows what it takes

to be successful in China. ChinaConnect is Alibaba Cloud’s channel to help

international companies do business in China.


Alibaba Cloud in China


With a 40% share of the local market, Alibaba Cloud is the undeniable leader in China’s cloud computing market.

Extensive Network Coverage


Alibaba Cloud has seven data centers in Mainland China and

more than 1,000 CDN nodes connected by a multi-line BGP

backbone network. This guarantees stable connectivity between

major network providers in China and fast access for end-users.



Alibaba Cloud has a proven track record in providing

high-performance. This includes processing up to 140,000

orders a second during the world’s largest e-commerce

festival which records up to 40 billion page views a day.

ICP Support


Applying for ICP certification can be a complicated and

time-consuming process. Alibaba Cloud has a team of

bilingual experts to help walk you through the application.

Advanced Security


Alibaba Cloud’s security products are trusted by over 40%

of websites hosts in China, which includes free Anti-DDoS

Basic service, automatic snapshots, triplicated backups, and

advanced services that have set records in DDoS attack protection.