Alibaba Cloud Solutions



Drawing on the power of the cloud, e-commerce

companies can respond to fluctuating traffic, scale their

operations and reduce their operational costs. Alibaba

Cloud e-commerce solutions offer a suite of cloud

commuting and big data services that help enterprises

quickly build and smoothly run their own online

e-commerce platform.

Reduced Cost

Operation & Maintenance

Types of Solutions:


  • Small businesses & startups
  • Mid-sized enterprises
  • Large enterprises

Traffic Predictions

Cyber AttackProtection

Security and Monitoring


Web Hosting


Today, most businesses need efficient web application

hosting solutions to manage their hosting needs. It is,

therefore, necessary to have a robust and resilient

infrastructure for a seamless experience for customers

and thereby empowering your business.

Resource Management


Types of Solutions:


  • Web application hosting
  • Accelerated content delivery
  • Auto-scaling
  • Higher IO performance
  • Disaster recovery
  • Multi-region deployments



An array of powerful multimedia services proving

massive cloud storage and efficient content delivery

for a smooth and rich user experience.



Types of solutions:


  • Video surveillance
  • Video on demand
  • Live video broadcast

High Speed

Low Latency

Content Acceleration

High Concurrence



When demand is unpredictable or testing is

required for new features, the ability to spin

capacity up or down is made easy with

Alibaba Cloud gaming solutions.

Multi-Level GameSecurity

Dedicated Regional Databases

Types of solutions:


  • Browser game solution
  • Mobile game solution
  • Cloud gaming security